She Says So

She Says So is an online media platform dedicated to Encouraging and Empowering Women & Girls. She Says So provides original content, curated resources and a steady stream of inspiration with the aim of enriching and supporting women of all generations. Continue reading She Says So

How I Empowered Myself with Makeup

Before college (and during the first few years of it, to be honest), I didn’t think much about makeup. I put some on every now and then for special occasions or when going out, but I didn’t like the idea of “putting my face on” before I left my dorm room every morning. To me, makeup seemed like something women wore to impress others or … Continue reading How I Empowered Myself with Makeup

New Year, New Opportunities!

It’s that time of year again…introspection and the rare convergence of optimism and motivation. While there are many who don’t make resolutions for a variety of reasons (Love yourself the way you are! I know I won’t keep them so why bother? Most people give up by February, etc. etc. etc.) any attempt to be healthier, happier and more at peace is always worth the … Continue reading New Year, New Opportunities!

2017’s Most Empowering YouTubers

Let’s talk about YouTube. Often hilarious, sometimes sad, but always entertaining. Let me put an idea out there: YouTube is one of the best places on the Internet for the empowerment of women and girls. Sure, there are tons of awesome beauty vloggers (and don’t worry, they’re included in this post), but there are also millions of women sharing their stories and their knowledge with the … Continue reading 2017’s Most Empowering YouTubers