2017’s Most Empowering YouTubers

Let’s talk about YouTube. Often hilarious, sometimes sad, but always entertaining. Let me put an idea out there: YouTube is one of the best places on the Internet for the empowerment of women and girls. Sure, there are tons of awesome beauty vloggers (and don’t worry, they’re included in this post), but there are also millions of women sharing their stories and their knowledge with the world for free. Allow me to introduce you to six of the most encouraging and empowering women on YouTube.


Courtney Elizabeth’s YouTube channel is the 2017 winner for Most Empowering YouTube Channel, an award I’ve decided to create just now because this channel freakin’ deserves it. Courtney Elizabeth started her channel seven years ago with covers played on her guitar, and later switched to beauty vlogs and tutorials. When she’s not creating content for YouTube, she’s a teacher. Earlier this year she discovered that she had a brain tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. I was devastated to hear this, because I know firsthand what it’s like to have your life flipped upside down in the blink of an eye (also due to a brain tumor). Since her diagnosis, she’s been updating her channel regularly with vlogs about brain surgery and chemo, speech difficulties, and everything else she’s been dealing with.

What makes this channel so great is that even while she’s going through probably the hardest thing she’ll ever have to deal with, she is still doing reviews and tutorials. Some are wig reviews since her hair is patchy from the chemo. Sometimes she can’t find the words she’s looking for, but she keeps going. Sometimes she cries, and she’s willing to do it on camera. I was young when I was diagnosed with my tumor, but even as a pre-teen my entire sense of self was shaken. I didn’t feel beautiful for a long time afterward, and to this day struggle with how my tumor has altered the course of my life. I guess, for me, this channel just touched something deep. Go Courtney!

Shameless Maya

In 2012 this YouTube star asked herself a question: “What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?” What started out as a social media experiment has become a YouTube account dedicated to living, well, shamelessly. She features lots of “techie vids for aspiring geeks,” beauty and fashion tips, and tons more empowering content.


Thataylaa is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers in 2017, and for good reason. She has tons of videos about acne, pale skin struggles, and using makeup as a tool for empowerment. On her YouTube channel, she states that “I struggled for years before starting a YouTube channel to find products that were light enough and covered my acne, and have since used Youtube as an outlet to try and help other people who are in the same place I was. I hope you’ve found something through my channel that makes you feel beautiful in whatever skin you were born in.”


If you are into makeup then RawBeautyKristi is a must-follow. She describes her channel as “A place where you can feel confident in getting HONEST Product Reviews, Makeup tutorials, Health, Life & Weight loss advice and more. All with a sense of humor and a bit of a potty mouth.” Recently she’s also documented her journey to a healthier lifestyle by eating keto. She’s hilarious, tells it like it is, and gives the best tips on applying makeup to look and feel your best.

Chanel Ambrose

Chanel Ambrose covers a little bit of everything. Her journey through motherhood, her experiences and life hacks, and the truths about being a plus-sized black girl. She’s honest, funny, and feels like an Internet best friend.

Stephanie Lange

This Aussie beauty influencer is “all about sharing my life to help you guys look and feel your absolute BEST… you’ll find everything from makeup tutorials, to vlogs, fashion hauls and vegan recipes!” She features easy to follow tutorials that promote self-love and embrace every woman’s unique features.


Hopefully you’ve found a new YouTube role model in this roundup, keep an eye out for more 2017 wrap ups!